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Automatic Feeder for Cats and Dogs


Automatic Feeder for Cats and Dogs

Regular price $149 $179

The Petnet SmartFeeder is a Wi-Fi connected automatic pet feeder for cats and dogs. Using the Petnet App you can personalize your pet’s daily meal times and portions, order pet food for delivery – and even feed from your phone!

Regular price $149 $179

Designed with your pet in mind.

The SmartFeeder is packed with features that help you take better care of your pet – without the extra work.
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Food Level Sensors

Know when your pet’s food is running low and needs to be refilled.
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Food Container Lock

Keeps your pet’s food safe and secure.
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Removable Food Container

Easy to remove and clean – keeps your pet’s food fresh and free of bacteria.
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Pet-Proof Self Locking Lid

Prevents air from entering the container and keeps your pet’s food fresh.
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Dishwasher-Safe Bowl

This simple, but sophisticated, bowl is dishwasher-safe and made for daily use.
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Durable Portion Wheel

Helps measure and pour precise portions, for consistent meals.

Portion Sizes

Dispenses 1/16 - 1 1/2 cups

Food Storage

Stores 5lbs - 7lbs of dry food

Kibble Sizes

Dry food 1/8" - 5/8" in diameter

Bowl Capacity

Holds 2.5 cups of dry food