Why am I getting numerous low battery warnings?

SmartFeeder (1st & 2nd Generation)

  • Check the micro USB connection in the bottom of the SmartFeeder Base to ensure that the connection is tight and secure. 
  • Confirm the wall adapter is plugged into the wall.
  • Take a look at the micro USB cord for any damage.

SmartFeeder (1st Generation)

With earlier models of the SmartFeeder, please ensure that your bowl is connected tightly to the base. You will also find a separate charging port in the Feeder Bowl. Remove the Feeder Bowl from the base and you will see the charging port on the back of the bowl.

  • Insert the micro USB cord into the bowl directly. 
  • Inside your Petnet App go to the Device page.

In the Device Information on top of the app screen, look for a green charging icon.