Using Alexa with your SmartFeeder

To connect your Petnet to your Alexa, follow these steps:

  • Open the Petnet app and go to the Settings (three horizontal lines in the top left corner)
  • Select Compatible Apps and select Amazon Alexa

If this is your first time setting up your Amazon Alexa app then you must complete the onboarding process first. Select Setting up Alex App.

  • Once inside the Amazon Alexa app, open settings (three horizontal lines in the top left corner)
  • Select Skills & Games
  • Search Petnet SmartFeeder in the search field in the top right corner
  • Select Enable To Use
  • Sign in on the verification screen to connect your Petnet account

Once your Petnet SmartFeeder has been successfully linked press done and open your Petnet App

Start by saying:

“Alexa, Open Petnet.” - Use your voice to open Petnet for an update on a recent feeding history.

“Alexa, ask Petnet to feed Lola.” -  Use your voice to send a feed.

“Alexa, ask Petnet to feed Lola three sixteenth cups” - Ask to feed from any portion from 1/16 to 1 ½ cups.