My food has trouble dispensing into the bowl.

If your food is having trouble dispensing into the bowl, please try these steps:

  • Remove the food container from the Feeder Base by using the container lock
  • Check for any lodged food in the rotating portion wheel or for food pushed alongside the inside wall of the food container
  • Reseat the food container on the feeder base and ensure the food container insert is placed over the fins.  
  • If you are still having trouble with your food dispensing please contact or call 1-855-738-4650

(Applies to the 1st Generation SmartFeeder)

  • Check for previous feeding residue on the metal tray insert. We suggest washing the metal tray insert with soap and hot water.
  • Remove the kibble from the food hopper and untwist the hopper from the feeding base. Check for any kibbles lodged awkwardly in the rotating wheel.
  • If you are having trouble with dispensing larger portion sizes, try dividing the portion size while increasing the number of feeds.
  • You may also learn more about our Feeder Ramp. We created the ramp to help a wider variety of kibble slide into the bowl. You can claim your free here. You may also request a Feeder Ramp by contacting