How do I change my account email address?

When an account email has been changed, all email updates regarding feeder alerts, SmartDelivery shipping or payment related material along with other messages from Petnet will be delivered to the new account address.

1. Open the Petnet app.

2. Tap the Settings Icon on the top left. 

3. Tap My Account and then My Profile. 

4. Tap on the email in the Email field. Select "Yes, I Do" to the Chane Email prompt. 

5. Enter the new email address.

6. Tap Save

Check your new email for a verification message from 

7. Tap the Confirm Email link. 

You will come to a confirmation page.

8. Enter the password for your Petnet Account. 

Your password will be the same as it was before since we are only changing your account's email. 

9. Press Continue and then select Open Petnet App.

When you are complete. Your Petnet app will show your new email in your My Profile settings.