Petnet Health Series

Your pet’s health is one of your most important concerns and jobs as a pet owner. Keeping them fit and healthy is a big responsibility and requires proper food and nutrition, proper exercise, training and mental stimulation and proper medical care, both preventative and restorative.

Preventative health care is not only our responsibility but can save you money and your pet health issues in the future.  Being proactive with your pet’s health also demonstrates just how much you love our pet. To many of us, they are like children and you’re careful to get your children to the doctor for regular check-ups, proper vaccinations and medicines when they need it. Do the same for your pets.

At Petnet, one of our goals is to provide you with the tools for proper food and nutrition for your pet and now on our Blog, we are going to offer you information on the baseline health care needs of your pets. Many of the posts in this series will be pertinent for both dogs and cats, but some will be specific to species.

We plan to cover the basics of care for their eyes, ears, teeth and coat, but also discuss common ailments and injuries your cat or dog may experience.

Of course, we are NOT veterinarians, so do not take any of our insights as medical advice. Rather, view this information as educational and something that you can use to ask your vet questions and let it help you keep your eyes and ears open to potential health concerns and things to watch for.  Any time you are concerned about a health-related issue, you should always make an appointment with your veterinarian for proper medical advice.

Stay tuned for this series starting next week. We’ll start with the toes (paws) and work our way up to the head!

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