Making Sure your Hero Cat has a Strong Core

Being a hero cat requires that the cat needs to be ready and able to save children or overcome other challenges at a moment’s notice. In order to accomplish acts of heroism, most hero cats need to be fit, and eat proper amounts of high quality food.  You see, to be a hero cat, you can’t also be a fat cat.

Many pet owners don’t think much about exercising their cat.  They assume that the cat will get enough exercise on its own.  While this might be true, there are some easy ways to exercise a cat that will not only keep their muscles toned and strong, but can also help the cat bond with their owner.

Muscle in Cats One of the (many) ways that cats and dogs are different is in their muscle composition.  Dogs are well suited for endurance activities because their bodies are made up of a mixture of slow twitch (aerobic) and some fast twitch (anaerobic) muscles.  Slow twitch muscles can fire for extended periods of time and the body is able to supply them the fuel they need to do so.  Fast twitch muscles are meant to fire rapidly and intensely, but only for a short period of time before fatiguing.  Think of slow twitch as marathon runners and fast twitch as sprinters.

A cat’s body is made up of a larger proportion of fast twitch muscle and thus, they are better suited for short intense bursts of activity, like saving a child from a dog attack, rather than long periods of sustained activity.   This is why you never see a cat on the trails, running with their owner.

With this in mind, it is easy to see how a pet owner should exercise their cat.  The focus should be on short bursts of energy, with intermittent periods of rest.  Some example drills include: - Chase the feather - Explosive Jumps - Round and round - Climbing

However you do it, make sure to exercise your cat each day.  They need it, and they are meant to be active. It's part of their natural hunting behavior.

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