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Brain Foods for Dogs

The fairly well known expression, “a healthy body is a healthy mind”, implies that one’s physical health can have an impact on one’s mental well-being. This saying is actually derived from a work by Roman Poet, Juvena...

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Not All Carbs Are Created Equal

The three macronutrients (besides water) that make up the majority of a pet food are protein, fat, and carbohydrates.  A pet owner who reads their pet’s food label will notice that protein and fat percentages are re...

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First Ingredient Rule Deconstructed

One common rule that pet owners use to choose a pet food is the first ingredient rule. It states that the first ingredient on the pet food ingredient list should be a meat or fish.  At its core, this rule makes sens...

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Sources of Protein for Cats

What veterinary nutritionists recommend most is a higher level of protein for cats than for dogs.Protein sources typically found in cat food include: Chicken Turkey Fish Lamb While these are excellent sources...

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Protein Needs of Senior Cats

It’s important to note that senior cats have slightly different nutritional needs, just as kittens do. Kittens need slightly MORE protein than adult cats and contrary to conventional wisdom out there, senior cats prot...