SmartFeeder can help Slow Down a Food Gulper

In a previous post, we discussed the risks of pet food gulping, which can cause a range of gastrointestinal issues for the pet. Slow feed bowls, products that are designed to slow down gulpers, can possibly help.  It turns out, Petnet(io)’s SmartFeeder might also help slow down a gulper.

The SmartFeeder was not created to be a slow feeder bowl.  Its core benefits include peace of mind that you pet is fed the correct amount of food and convenience through automatic feeding schedules and remote feeding when you are away from home.   However, it can help slow your pet’s eating speed in a few ways.

Using the SmartFeeder to Slow Down a Pet’s Eating

Feeding a pet once a day, which is a very common practice, can lead to food gulping.  This is because the pet will be much hungrier with once-a-day feeding.  Additionally, with once-a-day feedings, the amount of food in the bowl is enough to cause problems if gulped down rapidly. The SmartFeeder’s meal scheduling feature can make it really easy to break your pet’s meals into more frequent smaller portions.  In addition to reducing the risk of bloat, in general, it is healthier to feed your pet multiple times a day.

Another interesting way that SmartFeeder can help guard against gulping is due to its food portioning dispenser. The SmartFeeder’s food dispenser will push out your pet’s meal in increments of a tablespoon.  If a pet is at the feeder, they will not be able to gulp the entire meal because it is not entirely available to gulp. Thus, most food gulpers will have to slow down as their meal will be dispensed slowly.

If your pet is a food gulper, be aware of the health risks and consider alternatives like the SmartFeeder to help slow them down.

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