Pet of the Week: Lola

Lola's Petnet App Stats

Age: 12 months Weight: 22 pounds Activity Level: Low/Medium Number of feedings per day: 2 Eating Portion routine: 2/3 cup Food: Natural Balance Potato & Duck Limited Ingredients


Lola's Bio

Location: Pittsburgh, PA Birthday: September 23, 2014 Relationship Status: Single - I'm too young to date! How did you meet your Mommy/Daddy? My daddy surprised my mommy with me for her birthday last year. He found me after lots and lots of research, recommendation letters, and months of searching. She was so surprised when daddy came home early from work one day with me in his arms! Favorite Snack: Peanut Butter all the way! Favorite Toy: Other dogs! Dislikes: I dislike when other dogs don't like to play - but I'm a big woo-er so I usually woo them until they want to play with me! I used to be scared of water bottles but I got over that. I'm currently trying to get over my fear of the vacuum cleaner...I mean, that thing is so powerful it could suck me right up! Hobbies: I love going to the dog park and meeting new friends, and also love playing with my neighbor Rukia who's a Cockapoo. I basically love playing so much I could play for hours and hours without getting tired. And then at night, I love cuddling with my parents. Like my Instagram name suggests, I also love practicing yoga - my favorite pose is upward facing dog! I do it every morning after getting out of bed, and also love giving words of wisdom to my doggy friends and humans to help them live their best life (yoga off the mat)! Fun Memory: I just turned one and my mom surprised me with a surprise birthday party! She even got little cake pops with my face on them. All my favorite humans and puppies came to help me celebrate, and I got to devour the best peanut butter birthday cake ever! It was so yummy (I shared with my friends of course), but I was definitely feeling a little hungover from all the excitement the next day. Oh well, you only turn one once! :)


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Instagram: @yogafrenchie 


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