Petnet Raises $10 Million Series A to Expand Personalized Pet Food Service

Petnet, the leader in personalized feeding for pets, today announced it raised a $10 million Series A financing round, led by Petco. With the new funds, Petnet will continue to expand its product line, develop its pet food delivery service, and enhance its infrastructure. Beginning this week, Petnet’s SmartFeeder ($149) and SmartBowl ($49) are available at select Petco stores nationwide and online at

Carlos Herrera, CEO and co-founder of Petnet, said: “Petnet was born out of love for our pets and the passion to improve their lives. We are pleased to partner with Petco to leverage their know-how and existing infrastructure to reach more pet owners across the U.S. These new funds will enable us to further develop our personalized pet feeding service to keep pets everywhere happy and healthy.”

“With Petco’s continued effort to drive the digital revolution in pet specialty, we are extremely proud to partner with Petnet,” said Petco’s Chief Financial Officer, Mike Nuzzo. “Customers are increasingly looking for personalized technology-based solutions that enhance the life of their pets while providing convenience and flexibility. As an investor, and in our capacity as their exclusive pet specialty retail partner, we’re working closely with Petnet to help them quickly scale their offerings across the United States.”

Personalized feeding is critical to improving pets’ health and overall quality of life. With Petnet, it’s easy for owners to feed their pets the ideal portion size and type of food based on their dog’s or cat’s age, weight, activity level, breed and more, so they can live longer, healthier lives.

Joseph N. Sanberg, Aspiration Growth, added: “As a pet lover myself, I am excited to welcome Petco to the Petnet family as they join our movement to help pets live happier, longer, healthier lives. On behalf of my friend Bruce the dog, I look forward to continuing to support Petnet alongside our new partner, Petco.”

Petnet’s SmartFeeder is an automated, smartphone-enabled pet feeder that allows owners to manage feeding times and portions, monitor their pets’ eating habits and view insights about ideal food choices based on their pet's profile. The Petnet SmartBowl guides pet owners to make healthier choices for their pets based on age, weight, activity level and breed.

Personalize your pet’s daily meals.

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