Our Branding Story

Not all technology companies are created equal - in fact, once you come up with the brilliant idea, and figure out how to make it work, your major challenge is emotionally connecting your product to your customer.  That is where branding can set your company apart.  Co-Founder and Chief Creative Officer Dustin Morales is the man in charge of creating a strong brand for Petnet(io).

Dustin’s 15 years of experience in corporate brand strategy for fortune 500 companies has taught him that “a strong brand conveys a great customer experience at every level.  However, having any one piece out of alignment at any time can unravel the entire brand.” That is why from the inception of Petnet(io), he began to lay the foundation for creating a strong brand for the company.

140630 Dustin HeadShot

Core Values Drive the Brand

Dustin believes that a company's core values are its “soul”, and the brand, its “face”.  He states that “a company’s core values dictate the brand, and once they are identified, they need to be woven into all aspects of the business.”

For Petnet(io), the core values are:

  • Customers First: Create an extraordinary customer experience, across all interactions, that are built on a fundamental understanding of customer needs and preferences
  • Design Magic: Create products that inspire a sense of wonder and happiness.  Design products that are elegantly simple but exceptionally functional
  • “No Limit” Technology: Push technology further than anyone thinks is possible and that makes a real difference by solving daily frustrations and real problems
  • Details, Details, Details: Sweat the smallest detail - making everything have a “wow factor”

Importance of Branding

Every customer interaction with the company affect how customers view the company and thus the brand.  Blog content and styling are just as important as the design of the SmartFeeder.  When building a brand, it is important to understand all customer communication mediums (such as the website, email, social media, and products) and optimize customer interactions in each medium.

Adhering to Petnet(io)’s core values, Dustin focused on delivering a simple and elegant user experience across the entire Petnet(io) system, from the SmartFeeder and its packaging to the App and the website.

Petnet(io) has set out to improve people’s interactions with their pets and create a better lifestyle for pet  parents.  Dustin states, that “we are not just creating products for people to buy, but that will be part of their homes and positively improve the relationship with their pets.”

Personalize your pet’s daily meals.

Feed the right amount each day with the SmartFeeder and SmartDelivery.