This is Dom: The Un-simple French Bulldog

He looks like any ol’ Frenchie that you’ve seen pooping at the park, but he’s not just any ol’ Frenchie.

As an ex-farmer of an organic French farm, a philosophy graduate of the prestigious Ecole Normale Superieure, master of cheese and the fine arts, and two-time New York Times bestselling author, Dom is way more than just a barking machine. He’s seen things that even some humans haven’t.

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Most impressively, Dom knows the answer to one of life’s most profound questions:

Who’s a good boy?

After much deliberation, exercising his years of studious, philosophic exploration at his university, he finally arrived at a definitive conclusion.

He is.

The world suddenly became a better place.

Dom’s pedigree dates back to the 1500s, for he is the last known descendant of the famous French explorer Jacques Cartier’s dog, Gerard. He found his humble beginnings running an organic farm in Bettany, which touted organic and holistic meats, cheeses, and hair products.

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Though his farm brought him great success, somewhere in Dom’s heart, he knew he was destined for something much greater. So he left his thriving farm to earn a philosophy degree at the prestigious Ecole Normale Superieure and simultaneously became a licensedmaître fromager (cheese master).

He then wrote two pieces of literature, one calledExistential is a Dogismand another calledFeel the Brie: A Guide to Canine Cheese.They were sensational hits among readers. Both easily made their way to the top of the New York Times’ best-seller list… and remained there.

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But even so, Dom eventually grew out of literary life. He turned to a niche in fine art, which was by no means any less successful.

His piece entitled “To Be in Love with Bone” sold for a whopping 1.6 million euros.

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For Dom, only natural spring water infused with crisp cucumbers, cool mint and a single cube of gouda is acceptable to drink.

His meals are from Michelin-star rated menus flown daily from around the world.

For a successful dog such as Dom, it’s not surprising that his palate is as refined as his accomplishments in academia, literature, and the arts.

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But what ultimately makes him unique? He knows that he is indeed a good boy.

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