Pet of the Week: Tucker

Petnet introduces a weekly blog feature for dogs and cats that use the SmartFeeder. Our first post goes to the adorable Shih Tzu named Tucker

Tucker's Petnet App Stats

Age: 8 months Weight: 7 pounds Activity Level: Active Number of feedings per day: 2 Eating portion routine: 1/4 cup Food: Bil-Jac


Tucker's Bio

Location: San Francisco Birthday: December 10, 2014 Relationship Status: Mama's Baby! How did you meet Mommy and Daddy? Our favorite breeders in Minnesota Favorite Snack? Cheese Favorite Toy: Zoink buzzing butterfly cat toy (contains zero catnip) Dislikes: The pool, minion stuffed animals, and when you stare at him too long, he yips! Favorite Past times: Playing in his bag (dog carrier), being carried by mom and chasing leaves in the backyard Funny Story: Tucker loves his Delta dog carrier we brought him home in on the airplane. We leave his bag by the door, where you can usually find him, his toys, your socks, and some bones that he collects and brings back to his bag. One time we were looking for him all over the house, afraid because he wasn't responding when we were calling him. Turns out, he was snoozing in his bag!


Follow Tucker's Instagram: @tuckinaround

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