Pet of the Week: Ruckus the Eskie

Ruckus's Petnet App Stats Age: 4 Weight: 35 lbs Activity Level: Medium Number of Feedings per day: 2 Eating Portion Routine: 1/2 cup Food: Taste of the Wild


Ruckus's Bio Location: Silicon Valley Birthday: 7/2011 Relationship Status: Single How did you meet your Mommy/Daddy? Behind the refrigerator! Favorite Snack? Greenies Dental Chew Favorite Toy? Squeaky Ball Dislikes: Fireworks Hobbies: Chasing squirrels, Playing with Puzzle Games, Munching on Bully Sticks, Cuddling the 'rents Funny Fact: Ruckus cannot sleep without getting his nightly teeth brushings.


Follow Ruckus! Instagram: @ruckustheeskie Facebook: @ruckustheeskie Twitter: @ruckustheeskie Pinterest: @ruckustheeskie


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