Pet of the Week: Murphy

Murphy's Petnet App Stats Age: 4 Weight: 16lbs Activity Level: Lazy! Number of feedings per day: 2 Eating Portion Routine: 1/4 cup in the morning and evening Food: Acana Pacifica


Murphy's Bio Location: Boston, MA Birthday: 04/19/2011 Relationship Status: In a relationship with Karma (@cq019). We're in a long distance relationship since I moved from Baltimore to Boston, and now we only get to see each other once a year. How did you meet your Parents? They found me from a breeder in New Jersey after doing lots and lots of research. They showed up one day and took me on a 5 hour car ride to Baltimore, Maryland where they lived at the time. I loved them instantly, and fell asleep in my mom's arms like a baby. Favorite Snack? Carrots! Favorite Toy? Anything with a squeaker or that makes a crinkly noise - preferably a toy with both features. Dislikes: I don't like when my mom and dad dance. It's embarrassing so I try to bite their feet. Really loud noises startle me, and I really don't like when people play rough with me. I'm delicate, people! Favorite Pastimes: I LOVE going on the bus. Love love love it! There are so many people to pet me, and it usually means were going somewhere fun like the park. I love going to Shake Shack with my New England Frenchie crew too. Cool Story: When my parents and I first moved to Boston, we decided to go to get brunch one morning downtown. We were sitting there and my mom called me Murphy, and a woman next to us said “This is a really weird question, but is that MurphyOwnsUs from instagram?” We started talking and she said “We just moved here from San Francisco and have been following you for a while and were wondering if we'd get to meet you some day”. Such a small world! It was also my first citing as a celebridog.


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Instagram: @MurphyOwnsUs Twitter: @MurphyOwnsUs Facebook: I run a New England French Bulldog Meet-Up Group along with @bonjournino on Facebook.


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