Pet of the Week: Bentley

Bentley's Petnet App Stats Age: 6Weight: 55 lbs Activity Level: Super Lazy w/ moments of Ultra HyperNumber of feedings per day: 4Eating Portion routine: 1 cup at 7am - 1.5 cup 12pm - 1.5 cup 6pmFood: Merricks Lamb & Sweet Potato


Bentley's Bio Location: Los Angeles Birthday: April 29, 2009 Relationship Status: Forever Bachelor How did you meet your Dad? My dad actually went to go pick up my sister but I ran up to him out of nowhere and bit him. My dad fell in love with me. I wasnt for sale but my dad drove a hard bargain and paid extra for me and I went home with him that day. Favorite Snack? Natural Balance Belly Bites: Salmon and Legume Favorite Toy? Tv remotes Dislikes: Skateboards, Vacuum cleaners, leaf blowers, basically if it has wheels or makes loud noises I'm not a fan. Hobbies: Sleeping, Eating, Napping, Snacking - in that order. Funny Story: One time my dad got pulled over for speeding with me in the car driving home from San Diego. It wasn't anything too serious but at the same time my dad was breaking the law and shouldn't have been let go. He lied to the officer by saying he was rushing home cause I had to poop. And out of sheer dumb luck I managed to fart pretty loudly at the exact moment. The cop laughed, pet my head, said he loves bulldogs, and let us go!


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