Celebrating National Pet Day: It’s Paw-ty Time!

Like most pet owners, we always look for an excuse to throw bow ties on our bulldogs and party hats on our cats, but when a holiday rolls along that has incredible meaning behind it, well, that really gets our tails wagging. Monday April 11th is National Pet Day and it’s the perfect reason to spoil your fur-bae, all in the name of a great cause.

What is National Pet Day?

Colleen Paige, renowned pet and lifestyle expert, founded this splendid holiday in 2006 to raise awareness about shelter pets and shed light on the severity of our animal overpopulation crisis. Colleen also created National Puppy Day, National Dog Day, National Cat Day, and National Wildlife Day to develop a buzz around the importance of spaying, neutering, and rescuing our furry (and feathery) friends. Her holidays have gotten global recognition from A-list celebrities, magazines, digital publications, shelters, rescue organizations, and countless animal lovers on social media, who helped make these celebrations trend #1 on Twitter worldwide.

On her quest to save critter lives, Colleen urges us to leave exotic animals in their natural habitat, and consider opening our homes to a pet from a local shelter or rescue organization. By adopting responsibly, you’re helping to reduce  the amount of unwanted pets and stop irresponsible and inhumane animal mills.

So, how ya gonna celebrate?

Party Dog

The list of ways to indulge in the festivities is as expansive as your imagination, but the most important stipulations are that your babe feels loved, and that you’re doing your part to promote adoption and rescue. And yes, putting a sparkly dress on Princess The Pomeranian does count.

Pet spa, anyone? 

Hey, primping and pampering aren’t just for humans - think massages, “paw-dicures” (yep, that’s a real thing), de-shedding treatments, and facials.

Donate to your local shelter or rescue. 

If you can’t make a financial contribution, most organizations could always use items like blankets, towels, leashes, collars, pet food, treats and toys.

Buy bae a treat. Or toy. Or both.

Our motto is “everything in moderation” but for this holiday, Princess is allowed a little splurge. If you don’t have a store nearby that sells pupcakes, check out Pinterest for DIY pet treat recipes…and start baking!

Volunteer to spend time with needy pets.

There are tons of pups and kitties at shelters or rescues that would love to receive some chin-scratches and belly-rubs. A little extra TLC goes a long way.

Strike a pose.

Once upon a time, headshots were relegated to up-and-coming actors; now they’re nearly a necessity for the perfect animal Instagram account. Hiring a professional pet photographer for some picture-perfect Pom portraits = priceless commemoration of your bond with bae.

Get movin’!

Grab Princess’s leash and zip over to the beach. Go for a rad hike. Move around, enjoy your time together, and work up a nice sweat. For cats, utilize those brand new toys and give Kelly The Kitty a snappy indoor workout. (Hello, laser pointer.)

How will Petnet be celebrating?

On Saturday April 9th, we’ll be at So Cal Corgi Beach Day, giving away our SmartFeeder to the winner of their Talent Contest. Fun, sun, and hundreds of corgis…that’s one party you don’t wanna miss!

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