Happy Mother's Day and Chihuahua Appreciation Day!

Happy International Chihuahua Appreciation day! It’s also Mother’s Day, so while we celebrate moms (and pet moms) today, let’s take some time to shine a spotlight on our little feisty Chihuahua pals, too.

The Chihuahua finds its origins in Mexico, a fact which Taco Bell took into their own hands to advertise their tacos in 1997. Remember the Taco Bell Chihuahua? (RIP, Gidget.)

Chihuahuas are the smallest existing dogs with explosive personalities. They’re definitely the most feisty—their feistiness is practically 50 times their size. Unfortunately, that gives Chihuahuas an unfavorable reputation, being known as “nasty dogs that bite.”

Their feistiness shouldn’t overshadow their eccentric and beaming personalities! Despite their ability to instill the fear that they’ll pounce on us and rip us to shreds, Chihuahuas are lovable and respectable dogs, and this post is here to highlight that.


1. They’re immensely loyal and devoted. Feisty loyalty is a key trait of Chihuahuas. They form strong attachments to their owners, and would totally pounce on a bigger dog to protect their owners. Studies have noted the Chihuahua’s particular aggressiveness towards humans and other dogs.

2. Chihuahuas could die of a broken heart. Speaking of devoted loyalty, they’re actually known to die if their owners do—that’s how much they love them! If that didn’t tug on a heartstring, I don’t know what would.

3. They’re great hot packs. Chihuahuas tend to sit on their owners because they’re huge suckers for warmth, since their small bodies get cold easily. On a cold winter night, you and a Chihuahua could keep each other as warm as the fuzzy feelings in your heart.

Fun fact: They used to serve as hot packs during ancient times. (Did people just casually whip out a Chihuahua every time they felt cold? Maybe.)

4. Chihuahuas are intelligent, fast learners. They could surely perform well in obedience and agility trials, if you make the training fun and rewarding for them by giving them positive reinforcement. When trained well, Chihuahuas could be enthusiastic competitors.

5. They can be super active. If you hate sitting around all day, Chihuahuas can relate. Chihuahuas generally have high energy levels, so they crave activity and can become really hyper. Take a Chihuahua on a light jog with you some day; human running buddies are overrated.

On that note, Chihuahuas are one of the easiest dogs to overfeed due to their small size. Overfeeding eventually leads to being overweight… which would make being active difficult for Chihuahuas.

Accurately measure your Chihuahua’s daily food needs using the Petnet Smartfeeder to keep them happy and healthy; it’s one way to show your appreciation for your unique companion.
In turn, your Chihuahua will appreciate you, too!


Photo credit: @pippa.thechihuahua

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