10 Reasons Cats Are Better Than Dogs

1) You can save money by not buying alarm clocks.

10 Reasons_1

2) You'll have soft skin from daily litter box foot scrubs.

10 Reasons_2

3) You don't have to waste money on expensive beds.

10 Reasons_3

4) You've got a cuddly built-in bug detection system.

10 Reasons_4

5) They teach you valuable lessons about working hard to earn their affection.

10 Reasons_5

6) They always win a stare-down.


7) They've got a creative side, as evidenced by their two-ply masterpieces.

10 Reasons_7

8) They leave you little piles of appreciation. 

10 Reasons_8

9) They remind you that it's healthy to take a break from work.

10 Reasons_9

10) Despite being fluffy little devils, they've pounced into our hearts.

10 Reasons_10

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