About Us

About Us

We love what we do,
and who we do it with.

Our Story

Petnet has set out to provide easy to use solutions to fundamental problems of petcare - ultimately connecting all the relevant caregivers in a pet's life with our pet analytics platform.

The Petnet story is not an “Ah ha Moment” where the founders were hanging out with their pets and the idea hit them on the head like an apple falling from a tree. Instead Petnet was born out of a deliberate brainstorm of how best to improve the life of our beloved four legged family members. Considering the central role that feeding plays in the life of a pet, it seemed to be the most important aspect to influence when trying to improve their health. There are numerous pet-health problems associated with over-feeding and/or feeding your pet non-nutritious foods. We wanted to go a step beyond being a food dispenser, and get to affecting portion size, offering healthier food alternatives, allowing pet parents to create a feeding regimen that works for their pet – all while providing pet parents peace of mind.

Our vision is to create the world's first pet care analytics platform, empower pet parents all over the world with intelligent pet devices that will revolutionize the way they care for their pets, and spark modernization of the entire pet industry.

Our Team

Petnet is driven by a team of designers, engineers, and pet food experts who are committed to developing innovative products, using cutting edge technology, that empower pet owners to make the healthiest choices for their pets.

Carlos Herrera Carlos Herrera Founder, CEO
Chris Diebner Chris Diebner Founder, CTO
Dustin Morales Dustin Morales Founder, CCO
Steve Pelletier Steve Pelletier VP, Food
Bob Kron Bob Kron VP, Sales
Anu Saptharishi Anu Saptharishi VP, Operations
Nathan Johnson Nathan Johnson VP, Engineering
Frez Ferrino Frez Ferrino Creative Director
Sarah Lu Sarah Lu MGR, Social Media
Kit Mok Kit Mok Dir, Product Dev
Adrian Ocampo Adrian Ocampo Dir, Electrical Eng
Jason Paez Jason Paez MGR, Logistics
Anne Chu Anne Chu MGR, Creative
Joshua Bullock Joshua Bullock MGR, Customer Service
Shane Pacillas Shane Pacillas Customer Service
Shana Peterson Shana Peterson Customer Service
Bryan Lo Bryan Lo Digital Media
Andrew Kwan Andrew Kwan QA Specialist
Albert Lu Albert Lu QA Specialist